Scenario List – 2021

Note that you can play anything you want in round 1 as long as you are done by Thursday night late.

Round 1 Thursday:

AP92 End of the Beginning

DTF12 Not One Step Back

HazMo3 Seaside Retreat

HazMo5 The Blood of Lambs

OtO29 The Cat’s Lair


Round 2 Friday Morning:

AP168 Nameless Hill

DTF11 A Greek Tragedy

HazMo10 Fresh Grist

J188 Grab and Go

MM66 Brazil’s Here


Round 3 Friday Afternoon:

AP172 Hickory Lickin’

AP178 Walker’s Orders

DB159 Autumn Approach

FT216 Back in Force

HazMo11 The Beleaguered Capital


Round 4 Saturday Morning:

AP176 Always Ready

DTF14 Pillbox Pains

HazMo14 A Sisyphean Task

Madagascar5 Taking Diego Suarez

MM67 Urdaneta Ambush


Round 5 Saturday Afternoon:

AP174 Forest Gumm

AP179 Garry Owen

DTF15 Storming Lommel

FT222 Hetzer Butcher

HazMo6 Great Vengeance


Round 6 Sunday Morning:

DB? Gallabat Grab

DTF16 Panther Cull

HazMo7 Left Behind

MM60 Liberating Loznica

Q15 Mantes Meet Up

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